Where to Connect

The IX retains relationships with both the building owners and meet-me room (MMR) operators of the core fabric locations. Generally, a cross-connection order must be placed with the MMR operator to reach the IX within the building. The fee structure at each location is entirely dependent on the MMR operator, and can vary from complementary to standard tenant contractual rates. SFMIX does not pay for any portion of cross-x's facing member ports.

Links to each MMR providers portal or ordering site have been provided for convenience. All locations offer 1, 10, 40 or 100Gbps fiber connectivity. SFMIX only accepts SMF landing fiber on 10km 1310nm rated optics; no MMF or copper 1G infrastructure is available. Within the Wave Broadband suite, DWDM optics are required.

Where technically feasible to connect remotely, we suggest connecting into one of the core fabric locations. However, some members may lack supporting infrastructure within core fabric locations - for these cases we suggest a transport provider.

Address Building Owner MMR Operator Established
365 Main St.
San Francisco
Digital Realty Digital Realty 07/2006
200 Paul Ave.
San Francisco
Suite 303
Digital Realty Telx 11/2013
200 Paul Ave.
San Francisco
Within Wave Broadband's Suite
Digital Realty Wave Broadband 10/2016
48233 Warm Springs Blvd.
Hurricane Electric Hurricane Electric 04/2015
11 Great Oaks Blvd.
San Jose
Equinix "SV1" Equinix 11/2017
2807 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara
QTS Santa Clara QTS 01/2020

Remote Transport Providers

A number of regional and national carriers can provide interconnection service into the IX fabric. While SFMIX has no formalized reseller program at this time, we'll gladly accept LOA's from a direct member or the carrier of their choice. These providers offer a diverse suite of services from MPLS to dark fiber. The known organizations with infrastructure present in our common locations are listed below. Please note that this listing is provided for information purposes only - no endorsement is given or implied.