Board of Directors

photo of Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson is a principal at Two P, an infrastructure consultancy based in San Francisco. Most recently Matt worked within the office of the CTO at Cumulus Networks. Prior to Cumulus, Matt ran network and datacenter operations at Tumblr and Square. He also founded SFMIX, the first non-profit Internet Exchange within San Francisco. His work has been presented at numerous industry events, including NANOG, Velocity, BSDcon, Defcon, and CCC Camp.

photo of Tim Pozar

Tim Pozar

Tim Pozar is a principal at Two P, an infrastructure consultancy based in San Francisco. Most recently Tim was the VP of Operations at Fandor, an indy streaming company. Prior to that, he has also specialized in operations for UnitedLayer, Brightmail, and Alexa/Internet Archive. Tim is also the network architect for the City of San Francisco Community Broadband Network (CBN) that supports free Internet access to 16,000 of the residents of City's Housing Authority as well as dozens of non-profits and open spaces around San Francisco.

photo of Navin Francis

Navin Francis

Navin Francis is a principal engineer at Altiora, a cloud services company based in San Jose and an SFMIX participant network. He is interested in data center networking and enjoys working with InfiniBand.

photo of Bron Lewis

Bron Lewis

Bron Lewis is an Infrastructure Engineer at Nuna. Previously, they worked on networks, systems, and automation at internet infrastructure non-profit Packet Clearing House. Before accidentally becoming an engineer, they had worked in operations, project management, and research, and studied issues of rights, justice and governance at The New School in NYC. Mostly, Bron just wants to make the world a better place through art, science, technology, empathy, and equality.

photo of Justin Seabrook-Rocha

Justin Seabrook-Rocha

Justin Seabrook-Rocha is a Sr. Network Engineer at Dialpad. He spends his days designing and building the next generation of Cloud PBX platforms. Previously he was a Network Engineer for RagingWire Data Centers where he built transit and SCADA networks, and Hurricane Electric where he helped push forward the cause of IPv6. In a previous life, he specialized in Linux system administration and software engineering, and today enjoys expanding the role of automation and standardization in the network world.

Technical Advisory / Operations

  • Navin Francis
  • Bron Lewis
  • Matt Peterson
  • Tim Pozar
  • Justin Seabrook-Rocha

Hackathon Contributors

  • Leslie Carr
  • Joe Gross
  • Saima Hashimi
  • Tristan Horn
  • Jof Lassoff
  • Rob Liesenfeld
  • Ashwin Jacob Mathew
  • James Ouyang
  • Codey Oxley
  • Kayla Smith