SFMIX offers route servers to facilitate multilateral peering. Utilizing a single BGP session (or ideally two for redundancy), a route server passes on or aggregates all other route server participant routes. The main intention here is to make immediate use of the IX itself by passing traffic, without having to negotiate and configure sessions with each individual participant. Note that bilateral peering sessions are still encouraged; use of the route servers is purely an optional service.

The configuration supports community strings for filtering routes. IRR filtering is not utilized at this time.

The following community strings may be utilized for traffic engineering purposes:

Community String Function
63055:63055 Send prefixes to all other route-server participants
63055:ASN Send prefix to only route-server participant with specific ASN
0:ASN Do not send prefix to route-server participant with specific ASN
0:63055 Do not send prefix to any other route-server participants
63055:65281 Send prefixes with NO_EXPORT attribute
Service ASN IPv4 IPv6
Route Server #1
63055 2001:504:30::ba06:3055:1
Route Server #2
63055 2001:504:30::ba06:3055:2